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In The News This Season...


Jean\\'s Plundering Place
804 Bexar Avenue West
Hamilton, AL





Exciting News for our Computerized Taggers : Consignors can now create tags for merchandise using the VOICE FEATURE on your phone. Simply register, click "Work with Inventory," enter the category and size, click on the description area and say your description and price!! Tagging merchandise has never been easier.
*Call or text with questions!

Earn $5 in Re-Runs Reward Bucks for each new consignor you refer (up to $25 per person; remind them to mention you when registering.) Many changes are being made to accommodate the substantial growth in the number of consignors, the amount of merchandise, and the increase in shoppers.

Please make note of the changes, as we are improving the overall experience of Re-Runs for the consignors and the shoppers.

First-Time Moms & Dads get to shop the Re-Runs Preview Sale

... as our guest! This sale allows first time parents either expecting, adopting or mothers of a first child the chance to enjoy our pre-sale. All first-time parents must pre-register for this sale. Complete the form to do so. You will receive two passes to the Preview Sale!  Click Here To Register Now!

News for Consignors: