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Consignment is the best of both buying and selling quality, gently-used items for the entire family.

A consignment sale is an event where you can bring your family's outgrown or unused items and make money from selling them.

We will display your items along with hundreds of other consignor's items and pay you 70% of the sale price. The other 30% we keep as our commission.

Consignment sales will bring much higher prices than a garage sale, typically a third to a fourth of the retail price. Prices are determined by condition of the item, factoring in the size and availability of the item.

Another benefit to becoming a consignor is the Consign
or's Preview Sale. The Preview Sale is a buying period before we open to the public, allowing our consignors to get the best selection of the inventory of over 60,000 items from more than 200 consignors.

Re-Runs is known for the good prices your items will bring as a consignor and the excellent quality of items you will find as a shopper. Join our consignment community; we'll help you earn money by recycling items from you family!

To become a consignor,
click here!


We are so excited to offer a new tagging system. All of the research we have done shows that consignors across the nation absolutely love this system!

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Consignors spend about ½ the time tagging their items than with the hand-written method.

  • Consignors can log on anytime during the sale and check to see which of their items have sold.

  • The risk of human error in calculating sale totals is minimized.

Are you ready to get started?

Gather the following supplies:

  • Clothes hangers

  • Safety pins

  • Clothes, furniture, accessories, etc. that are in excellent condition; no stains, tears, or holes.

  • Plastic zipper bags for small toys, jewelry, etc.

  • Tape and/or string for keeping items together

  • Computer with internet access and printer

  • Paper � regular (No dark colors)

Quick and Easy directions for tagging your items:

  1. Gather your quality items together.

  2. Hang your items with the hook facing, like a question mark. Make sure the item is secure on the hanger. You may need to use safety pins.

  3. Take items to the computer area and sign in at the Consignor Homepage tab.

If you have not registered for this sale as a consignor, please click here.

(Your consignor number will be issued immediately. Please keep this number and your password secure; you will need it each time you log in.

  1. You may enter the information about your items once you are logged in. Follow the directions that are given. Please indicate whether you want your items to be discounted on Discount Day or not.

  1. 5. When you are finished entering your items, place your *paper into the printer and press print. You do not have to print all of your items at one time. All of the information will be saved, and you can add to your inventory or print whenever you wish.

  1. Tags should be placed on the right side of the item, as you are looking at it. **Make sure to attach the correct tag with each item.

  1. Take your items to Re-Runs during one of the Drop-Off days (April 5-10 & *April 12-14 *1/2 price sale







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