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  • We will accept Children\\'s SPRING/SUMMER clothing for this Sale (LIMIT 150 PIECES PER CONSIGNOR)


  • Maternity Sizes: All Sizes, MUST be UP TO DATE

  • Dress-Up Clothing / Dancewear / Gymnastics (High Demand!)

  • Uniforms, and Sports equipment for sports such as soccer, football, etc.

  • Easter Outfits.

  • Shoes - We will be very picky!

  • Toys- Toys needing batteries MUST include them or they will not be accepted!

  • Bikes, Motorized Kids Vehicles and Other Ride on Toys

  • Play equipment (High Demand) MUST be clean! Examples: Playhouses, picnic tables, etc.

  • Baby Equipment

  • Books/Videos/CDs/DVDs including current home school curriculum.

  • Nursery Furniture including changing tables, cribs, bassinettes, beds, etc. (thoroughly cleaned with all working parts and batteries)

  • Household furniture (thoroughly cleaned)

  • Bedding - NO STAINS and NO HOLES

  • Toddler and Children\\'s Furniture (real and play)

  • Baby formula must be new in original packaging and must be within the expiration date

  • Household accessories- pictures, decorative items, etc.

Think you don\\'t have anything to sell?

Want to make more money?

What Else Can You Sell?

Have you changed colors in your home lately or do you want to?  Bring your  pictures, bedding, accessories, etc. (Sell it, then you will have the money to change.)

Is your baby not a baby anymore?  Sell the highchair, swing, crib, walker, baby bedding changing table, bouncy seat, etc. (Yes, get them out of the attic and make some money for yourself.)

Did you get a new piece of furniture, even though the one you replaced is in excellent condition?  Load up the sofa , entertainment center,  rocker, bedroom suite, table, chairs, etc.   

Do you want to change your Holiday decorations this year?  Unpack it, sell it, and buy want you want now.

Do you have Holiday Dresses from days and sizes gone by?  Tag them and bring them to sell.

How many videos and dvd\'s do you have stacked in your entertainment center collecting dust?  Wipe them off and sell them, so you can buy your new favorites.

Can\'t park your car in the garage because of all of the riding toys and sports equipment?  Clean it up and get it out of your way.


We CANNOT accept:

  • Out of date clothing

  • Out of season clothing no FALL/WINTER items for the SPRING/SUMMER sale and vice versa

  • Car seats manufactured more than 3 years ago

  • Car seats that have been involved in a car accident

  • Adult sleepwear, unless new

  • Items with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.

  • Stuffed Animals (unless popular characters)

  • Underwear (unless new in package)

  • Bottles or pacifiers (unless new in package or without nipples)

  • Un-Clean Toys or Toys without batteries

  • Un-Tagged Items

Re-Runs for Wee Ones Reserves the Right to Decline any Item!







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